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Who we are

Moroccan Experience is a non-profit organization based in Rabat, Morocco.
Established in 2018 with the aim to inspire and accelerate sustainability across all sectors in Morocco and especially in the Moroccan Oasis – raising awareness, facilitating knowledge-sharing, enabling collaboration and igniting innovation.
Desert Viking Challenge was created to provide a collective voice to its members in the sustainable development and promotion of the tourism industry in the Moroccan Oasis Region.

Our Approach

We partner with other non-profit organizations working with volunteers in Morocco and in other countries as well. We have created a national and an international network which is helping us to lunch many developing small projects around Morocco currently as Summer Volunteering Programs, building Music Studios to youth clubs, providing resources to schools and animating Workshops and master classes. Today based on the same approach, we would like to lunch our new idea, DESERT VIKING CHALLENGE.

Desert Viking Idea and Inventors

Morocco with its Sahara and culture can offer to Scandinavians an innovative and exiting experience.
As open mind individuals with Desert and Scandinavian roots, the association’s founders decided to share their rich experience in tourism and leverage their bicultural background towards organizing this inspiring event !

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